Saturday, 19 October 2013

Catrice Quick Dry and High Shine Top Coat

 Hey Guys, 

Let me start this post by saying sorry for not blogging much last week. I wasn't feeling great and at the time blogging seemed like so much effort, but now everything is starting to get better and I even bagged myself a christmas job. ( Whoop Whoop) Now to the main part of this blog. Catrice's Quick Dry and High Shine Top Coat nail polish.

I am one of those people who isn't very good at waiting for their nails to dry. I wait for a bit, think there dry then hit them off something and realise they weren't really dry. (Don't lie we have all been there!)

This stuff is so handy if waiting around isn't your thing or you're just in a really big rush. Swipe a bit over your nails, wait about 30 seconds and Ta-Da, all ready to go. After hearing so much about the wonders of seche vite and not being able to find it anywhere and being to lazy to order it online I was delighted when I found this handy number in my house. My sister had actually bought it and I kinf of stole it. (Sorry Sara!) 

So if you are looking for something to help with drying nails or just looking for a cheaper version of Seche Vite you need to get yourself to a Catrice stand immediately. I actually can't tell you the price of this handy little thing but it's no more than €5 which to me is such  great bargain! 

Have you tried this top coat?

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