Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Nails: Elegant Touch Totally Bare

Hey Guys,

I am in love with having long nails. For awhile acrylic nails were my obsession, then my nails started to get weak and damaged so it was time to take a break. After some time they became strong but money was tight so getting acrylics back on went out the window. That is when I came across these beauties.

Elegant touch have a wide range of fake nails from bare, one toned colours and nail art packs. Each pack comes with 48 nails with 10 different shape. This means you can get up to 2 uses per pack. 

The reason I chose the bare nails is because you can easily reshape them and decide which colour you want to use. 

For myself the stiletto shape is a small bit pointy and long for my liking. For this I grab a scissors, trim them down to the size I prefer and reshape them. This process is so simple and only take a couple of minutes. 

I had a huge disaster when painting them as my nail varnish spilt all over my bedsheets (thank god it was clear!) so I could not get a snap of the finished colour look. You will be able to see the finished colour over on my instagram in the next couple of days. :)

Have you tried any of the elegant touch range? 

Speak soon

Tanyia x

Friday, 23 October 2015

Friday Fashion Wishlist - Casual

Hey Guys,

When you work in a business where you have to go by the 'business' dress code its nice to have some casual/comfy clothes to throw on when your not in the office. Here are some of my top picks at the moment.

Speak soon

Tanyia x

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Room Tour

Hey Guys,

Today I thought I would show you a little insight into my room. My room is no way big or perfect but when we moved I said I wanted to make it somewhere I could go to relax and unwind after a day of working.

When starting it was mostly sorting out colour and picking out little pieces to match. For the walls I went with a standard white colour. From there it was deciding what kind of pieces I wanted around to make it homely and cosy.

Due to the white walls the best way to go was bright colour ornaments like flowers, candles and fairy lights.

My favourite thing is my photo frame collage pictured above. The frame itself is one I picked up from a pound shop and then got magazines and cut out my favourite pieces. Along with that there are some fun family photos. 

The lamp shade then brightens up the entire room and I find it separates between the white ceiling and walls. 

Interior is always a fun way of making your room suit your personality so might as well make it how you want. 

Speak Soon, 
Tanyia x 

Monday, 19 October 2015

The Greatest Scrub?

Hey Guys,

Recently I purchased Palmers Cocoa body scrub. One thing I love trying to keep my skin as fresh as possible. Sometimes it can be hard, but once you get into a routine its just part of your normal day.

In the past couple of weeks my skin had been looking a little dull and felt a bit worse for wear. On one of my trips to Superdrug (trust me, there are many) I spotted this. Now I am a big fan of Cocoa butter moisturiser just purely because it smells amazing. This product is exactly the same. 

With its mix of crushed cocoa beans and shea butter, this palmers scrub aims to exfoliate, refine, polish, moisturise and smooth skin. I can say that that is exactly what it does. 

I am one of those people who gets a few lumps and bumps on the tops of my arms and within one use they had started to fade. My skin had never felt fresher. 

With some exfoliaters they can be a tad harsh and rough on skin but this is the exact opposite. With removing everything you need it to remove such as tan and dead skin, it is also so gentle on skin. 

If you suffer from dry skin or feel it needs a bit of a pick me up I couldn't recommend this enough. 

You can pick it up from your local superdrug store starting from around €6.78/£4.99

speak soon

Tanyia x

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Stuck in a rut....

Do you ever just get in one of those moods and you just don't know how to shake it off? That's exactly how I'm feeling at the minute. Sometimes it's just one of those things that lasts for a few hours but other times its a little bit more than that.

At the minute I'm not sure where I'm going or what I'm doing. Seeing everyone around you moving up in the world and you still stuck where you started quiet awhile ago is hard. Don't get me wrong it is so so amazing to see everyone you love going places and I don't mean to sound anyway selfish but it also make you wonder what's out there for you and where are you going wrong?

I haven't written on my blog in over a year but sometimes you just need to write how your feeling down and let it out. I know this feeling isn't going to be around forever