Monday 22 February 2016

Contour/Bronzing products I love

Hey guys, 

When it comes to doing make-up everyone has their go to products. The ones they can't live without and as soon as you see them running low all you can think of doing is getting a new one. 

Today I thought I would go through my go to contour/bronzing products. Some I use daily and others I use when I'm going for a heavier make-up look. 
**Warning - The packaging of the products below may look warn due to being used quiet a bit**

1. Hoola Bronzer - Benefit 

I have had this product for so long and I would use this everyday. It gives skin the perfect glow while looking natural and not to overdone. 

The great thing about Hoola is that it is so easy to apply and last for so long. I purchased this about a year ago and still haven't hit pan. 

You can purchase this from any benefit stand or direct from their website. It comes in at €34 as it is one of the high end products. It is definitely worth every cent though. 

2.  W7 Chunky Bronzer - W7 

I am OBSESSED with this chunky stick. It is perfect for getting to the exact spot you want your contour to start, as well as being extremely blendable. You can also build it up as you go along or leave a light contour if that is something you prefer. 

This handy little stick can be purchased from many leading pharmacies around Ireland. I picked mine up from Sam McCauleys. You can search where to purchase from here. The next best thing about it is the price. Coming in at €6 you really cannot go wrong. 

3. Delice De Poudre Duo - Bourjois

For the last one I thought I would show one of my older favourites. It is a follow up from the Delice De Poudre chocolate bronzer. (Which smells amazing by the way)The reason I love this is because it gives out such a natural colour as well as having a highlighter to go with it. 

You only need to smallest amount as the product itself is such a good pigment brown. It is for more of a day time look so keep building up if you need that stronger colour. 

You can purchase this from most leading pharmacies and costs €10

Let me know if you have used any of these products and what you think of them. 

Speak Soon 

Tanyia x 

Monday 8 February 2016

Bra-blems? We've got you covered!

Hey Guys,

So a little while ago I was contacted by Third Love to write a post about some common 'bra-blems' and what kind of solutions I have to fix these issues. This is something I feel most girls will relate to as it can be so difficult to find the perfect fit with out any problems.

There is nothing worse than having a bra that doesn't fit properly as it can just cause discomfort and you'll just end up wanting to rip it off at any chance you get.

Straps falling down
This can be seriously annoying as every two minutes you need to go and pull them up for them just to fall straight back down again. If you find this happens just make sure you adjust the straps. Nothing worse than having a great outfit on then a strap sliding down to ruin it!

Getting the size right
The second thing I'll talk about is getting measured. Most people think they know their bra size when studies show about 85% of us actually wear the wrong size. A lot of the time people will just assume just because they can't deal with the awkwardness but for something that literally takes less than 5 minutes you might as well make your self aware of your size and say goodbye to 'quad boobs' and 'side boobs' 

If you seem to have any of these problems or other issues Third Love have designed their own sight and app which is available for iphones. (Sorry android users) Within this site you can get tips and tricks that makes wearing bras a little bit more comfortable! They also have some pretty amazing stock so make sure to take a look.

You can also look at this diagram I was sent to see what else you can do.

Speak Soon, 

Tanyia x

Friday 29 January 2016

The Charlotte Tilbury Box

Hey Guys,

For Christmas I got one of the best surprises. Charlotte Tilbury make-up all wrap up in a cute little box. 

 Inside this little box included 3 pieces of magic. Charlotte's Full Fat Lashes, The Vintage Vamp eye-shadow quad as well as her rock 'N' kohl eye-liner pencil. All the pieces are beautiful packaged and have the same matching maroon/deep brown colour.

Full Fat Lashes

Since I got this set during Christmas, I haven't used any other mascara. It's perfect. With this set it came in the colour glossy black, which works great as a natural eyelash shade. It longates the lashes and makes the eyes look fuller. The britsles are soft which is great for separating the lashes instead of making them look too spidery.

The Vintage Vamp Quad

Can I just say this is the most beautiful set of colours ever. The maroons work perfectly with the golds and pinks so there is no need to use any other palettes with it. What I think works best about this particular quad is that you can easily go from day to night just by adding 1 or 2 more shades to your look. Maroons are my go to colour at the moment and with these very blendable colours you couldn't ask for a better gift.

Rock 'N' Kohl Eye-liner

This ever so soft eye-liner pencil is perfect for finishing of whatever look you create, whether it be soft and sultry or a deep smoky look. I received the shade Barbarella Brown. If the deep black eye-liner look is not your thing this will work great. It can be used on eyelids and blended to give the eyes a little pop or just used on the bottom of the eye for something more subtle.

All in all you can perfect either a soft look or a deep smoky look using just the 3 of the products. I am so in love with all them and if anyone is thinking of purchasing any Charlotte Tilbury products you need to do it. They are worth every penny. 

You can purchase the products from a range of stores of from Charlotte's website

Have you tried any Charlotte Tilbury products?

Speak Soon, 

Tanyia x

Monday 18 January 2016

Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

Hi Guys ,

Having a Dad that's a hairdresser can come in handy sometimes especially when it comes to getting some great shampoos at a great price. Lately I have been using the Moroccan Oil Shampoo and conditioner and instantly fell in love. As soon as I used it my hair was super soft and could tell it would work out well with damaged hair.

This pair is good for repairing and rescuing damaged hair which is perfect for myself as my hair is naturally dry and getting highlights every six weeks doesn't help. (whoops) 

Both the shampoo and Conditioner are packed with Argan oil as well as keratin which makes hair look instantly shiny and less dry. If you have coloured hair and get worried about shampoos washing that out, you don't need to worry as both are colour safe making it great for most hair types. 

For the best results you should add their Moroccan Oil treatment as well as their repair hair mask. I haven't used those products myself but let me know if you have down below. 

The smell of these are so fresh and last for so long. Hair feels fresh for so long and you can see the best results with continued use. 

Have you used any of Moroccan Oil's products?

Speak Soon
Tanyia x 

Wednesday 13 January 2016

Nip and Fab Cleansers

Hi Guys,

Recently I purchased some Nip and Fab cleansing products which I thought I would review. These have been on my wishlist for so long and just after Christmas I couldn't help but go on a bit of a Nip and Fab shopping spree.

The first item I purchased was the Glycolic Scrub Fix. This is great if your skin is feeling a dull and tired and want to give it a bit of a pick me up. It also has a citrus scent which makes it even better.  After this skin instantly feels refreshed and looks that bit brighter. I use the scrub twice a week to keep skin fresh. The Glycolic Scrub can be purchased for €12.95

Secondly was Nip and Fab's Deep Cleansing Fix.  This is my favourite product and use it everyday. It is great for removing make-up that has been on all day. To get a deeper clean I use this with my no.7 version of the clarisonic. It has drops of tea tree oil within it leaving it with a scent that reminds me of vicks. (In a good way! ha) I find it can be a bit thick but used in small amounts it is perfect. It is available for €9.95. 

The last cleansing product I got was the Glycolic Cleansing Fix. This is one that I would use the least but is great when skin looks a little dull in the morning and you want to get rid of the bacteria that has built up on your face over night. Gels wouldn't be my favourite thing to use on my face but for a morning clean this suits fine. There is no distinct smell off this product which sometimes is nice when just wanting to wake your skin up. The Cleansing fix can be purchased for €9.95. 

My Favourite thing about these products is that they are so affordable but give a feeling like you have bought some high end products. If you want to try any Nip and Fab products they can be purchased from local pharmacies such as Sam McCauleys and Superdrug as well as the Nip and Fab website

Have you tried any Nip and Fab Products?
                                   Speak soon
                                      Tanyia x

Monday 11 January 2016

Ikea Wishlist

Hey Guys,

Home-ware shopping is one of my favourite things. I could go to Ikea/TK Maxx or any homestore shop and just wander around for hours without getting bored. You can always find the most interesting items when browsing around these stores.

Here are some of my favourite bits from Ikea at the minute

Alex 9 drawer unit - To be fair pretty much anyone who is obsessed with beauty would have one of these. You would never ever be stuck for space again and could get rid of any junk that is lying around. 

Flowers - Artificial flowers are the greatest way to decorate a house. They may not have the scent that real flowers bring but its less mess and don't have to worry about the look fading. 

Mirror - Mirrors are a great way to make rooms look bigger as well as adding that something extra to a space. I find the best place would be above a fireplace in a sitting room as its a really simple way to decorate. 

Candles - This one is for those evenings when all you want to do is relax. Nothing better than sitting down/having a relaxing bath and lighting some candles. Perfect way to shut off for the night and take some time to yourself. 

Holders - I am obsessed with these holders, A while ago I got ones just like these in Penneys/Primark. As well as adding something cute to your room, it is also great for storing makeup brushes. 

Bedding - Even though they say you shouldn't have colourful bedding as it can be distraccting when trying to sleep, I find it very hard to stay away from it. These ones are super cute and a great way to perk up any bedroom. 

Is there anything from ikea you are loving at the minute?

Speak Soon, 

Tanyia x

Friday 8 January 2016

Makeup Expiry Dates

Hey Guys,

Today's post is going to be a short and sweet one. When it comes to make up I am the biggest hoarder. Things are stacked up in my makeup case for months and probably even over a year. Sometimes it's hard to throw out something that you think 'yeah I might actually use that again' when in reality you probably never will.

Well make up just like food and so one actually has an expiry date. Keeping these products probably does more harm to your skin and takes up room for all that new make up you could have!

Down below I have listed the main makeup items along with their expiry dates. So while reading this grab your make-up kit and start discarding of anything you have been holding onto a little to long.

1 – 2 Years
2 years
1-2 years
Powders & Blushes
2 years
3 months
Up to 3 years
Nail Varnish
1 year

Do you clean your makeup kit out this often?

Speak Soon
Tanyia x