Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Things I'm Currently Happy About

  1. I got a job: Yes that's right, I have finally bagged myself a job. This means no more lying around the house bored out of my brain. I could not be happier. It means I can save for my makeup course and I don't have to depend on anyone else for money. It seriously makes me so happy to be out of the house and earning my own money. So happy you wouldn't believe!

 2. Wexford Opera Festival: Ok I may not be a big opera fan or anything but the opening of the festival is always the greatest! Wexford holds a firework display along the quay and over the last year or two have added a 'spegialtent.' This is where they get loads of different acts such as Jason Byrne, Alabama 3 Bell X1 and so on. They also have plenty of amusments like a ferris wheel and carousels while also opening loads of pop up art galleries during the two weeks.  I think the reason I love it is because there is always such a buzz around the town and it puts people in such good moods.

3. Pretty Little Liars Halloween Episode: I cannot even contain my excitement for this. After 8 long weeks of last seeing Ezra walk into A's lair it is going to be great to see what the writers have come up with. Will A finally be revealed? Only time will tell. 

4. Eating Healthy: This is something I'm doing for myself just because I just feel 'blueggh.' (Sorry it's the best word I could use to describe it!) Sitting around the house all the time hasn't exactly been the best for my eating habits simply because of boredom. Eating because there isn't anything else to do is something everyone is aware of! This seems like such a good idea now but give it a few days and I'll be bored of it! (I'll try my hardest not to give up!)