Monday, 8 February 2016

Bra-blems? We've got you covered!

Hey Guys,

So a little while ago I was contacted by Third Love to write a post about some common 'bra-blems' and what kind of solutions I have to fix these issues. This is something I feel most girls will relate to as it can be so difficult to find the perfect fit with out any problems.

There is nothing worse than having a bra that doesn't fit properly as it can just cause discomfort and you'll just end up wanting to rip it off at any chance you get.

Straps falling down
This can be seriously annoying as every two minutes you need to go and pull them up for them just to fall straight back down again. If you find this happens just make sure you adjust the straps. Nothing worse than having a great outfit on then a strap sliding down to ruin it!

Getting the size right
The second thing I'll talk about is getting measured. Most people think they know their bra size when studies show about 85% of us actually wear the wrong size. A lot of the time people will just assume just because they can't deal with the awkwardness but for something that literally takes less than 5 minutes you might as well make your self aware of your size and say goodbye to 'quad boobs' and 'side boobs' 

If you seem to have any of these problems or other issues Third Love have designed their own sight and app which is available for iphones. (Sorry android users) Within this site you can get tips and tricks that makes wearing bras a little bit more comfortable! They also have some pretty amazing stock so make sure to take a look.

You can also look at this diagram I was sent to see what else you can do.

Speak Soon, 

Tanyia x

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