Monday, 22 February 2016

Contour/Bronzing products I love

Hey guys, 

When it comes to doing make-up everyone has their go to products. The ones they can't live without and as soon as you see them running low all you can think of doing is getting a new one. 

Today I thought I would go through my go to contour/bronzing products. Some I use daily and others I use when I'm going for a heavier make-up look. 
**Warning - The packaging of the products below may look warn due to being used quiet a bit**

1. Hoola Bronzer - Benefit 

I have had this product for so long and I would use this everyday. It gives skin the perfect glow while looking natural and not to overdone. 

The great thing about Hoola is that it is so easy to apply and last for so long. I purchased this about a year ago and still haven't hit pan. 

You can purchase this from any benefit stand or direct from their website. It comes in at €34 as it is one of the high end products. It is definitely worth every cent though. 

2.  W7 Chunky Bronzer - W7 

I am OBSESSED with this chunky stick. It is perfect for getting to the exact spot you want your contour to start, as well as being extremely blendable. You can also build it up as you go along or leave a light contour if that is something you prefer. 

This handy little stick can be purchased from many leading pharmacies around Ireland. I picked mine up from Sam McCauleys. You can search where to purchase from here. The next best thing about it is the price. Coming in at €6 you really cannot go wrong. 

3. Delice De Poudre Duo - Bourjois

For the last one I thought I would show one of my older favourites. It is a follow up from the Delice De Poudre chocolate bronzer. (Which smells amazing by the way)The reason I love this is because it gives out such a natural colour as well as having a highlighter to go with it. 

You only need to smallest amount as the product itself is such a good pigment brown. It is for more of a day time look so keep building up if you need that stronger colour. 

You can purchase this from most leading pharmacies and costs €10

Let me know if you have used any of these products and what you think of them. 

Speak Soon 

Tanyia x 

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