Monday, 13 May 2013

OOTD - Zoe's Confirmation

It's been a rather busy week in the Rochford household, first a graduation then a confirmation. Busy, busy, busy!

(excuse the terrible lighting in the last picture, I was being rushed out the door when these were taken.)

Dress: I bought my dress in a small little shop in town called ViVi but sadly the shop is no longer there. It was €30. As soon as I tried it on I knew I had to have it!

Shoes: My shoes were bought in Pennys (Primark to most) and were €18. These were the comfiest shoes as they were a wedge and I felt they gave the dress a summery look. 

Bag: I've had this bag for awhile and I didn't want to go buy a new one so this little one was handy. I bought it in Pennys and was €9. 

The day was absolutely brilliant and I'm sure my sister couldn't have asked for a better day! 

My cousin has taken some pictures and when I get hold of some I'll add them to this post. 

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  1. Hello,you're so cute! I love that dress! You look so pretty! I'm no exaggerated though :D I'm enjoy reading your blog.. It's pretty cool stuff you have here. I've following you and I hope you return the favor (:

    You deserve more followers! Keep it up! (: xx