Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Essie Sleek Stick Nails.

Hey Guys, 

In my July GlossyBox I received a packet of Essie's Sleek Stick nails. 
I've been meaning to try them for awhile now but lately my nails have been sort of a mess so I have been giving them a break from nail varnish and the lot. Then when they got back to normal my cousins girlfriend painted them and I had to wait for that to wear off. 

Anyway I'll stop rambling and get to the point. 
I had seen so many people try different versions of these and I thought they looked so simple and nice. There is many different patterns which means you can switch them up whenever you get bored. 

The packet I received looked like this:


(As you can see it's that simple.)

The thing I love most about these is that if you are one of those impatient people who can't stand waiting for nail-varnish to dry, these couldn't be more perfect. Just a quick stick on your nails and your ready to go. 

How they look:



Also if doing something fancy with your nails isn't your cup of tea simply because it's to much hassle you can get away with these if you have five minutes to spare. 

The only downside is that some of them may be a bit to big for your nails so you might have to cut the pieces a bit just to get them to fit. The only nail I had a problem with was my little nail so this isn't to much of a problem. 

Has anyone tried these before? Let me know in the comments.


  1. I got them in this months glossybox too except mine are a greyish black with the jewels. I put mine on my toes for sheer fun and i actually really like them and going to keep them on for as long as i can :) I had to do some cutting as well! Really like the colour you got. x

    1. There so good aren't they? I'd say there nice ones too. Definitely going to try and get my hands on some more. :) x

  2. I've just received some from Latest in Beauty, I can't decided when to try them out though as they're quite fancy. They look lovely though :-)

    Hels X

    1. You should try them as soon as because they are super nice. :) xx

  3. They look really nice!