Monday, 20 May 2013

The Liebster Award Nomination

A few days ago I got a lovely tweet from Lauren Emma nominating me for little blog award called 'The Liebster Blog Award'

Now I'm not going to sit here and say I knew exactly what this award was because to be quiet honest I hadn't a clue! 

After doing a bit a research I found out it's an award for blogs with under 200 followers and they are nominated through other blogs. I think this is such a lovely idea as it's a good way to find new blogs and shows others are interested in yours. 

The rules of this is that you give 11 random facts about yourself, answer 11 questions that have been set for you and nominate 11 other bloggers. 
So lets begin!

11 random facts about me:

1. My room has to be completely dark when I'm going to sleep. 
2. I could sit for hours watching vlogs on youtube.
3. I am seriously obsessed with Caroline Flacks fashion sense.
4. I am no longer in college and hope to do a short make up course during the summer.
5. I absolutely hate feet. They are the ugliest things ever.
6. When it comes to wearing eyeshadow I only use neutral shades. 
7. One day I hope to live in London.
8. I am a total hair-dye addict and have had my hair so many different colours. 
9. When I get addicted to a programme I get way to involved in it!
10. I am way to addicted to the internet.
11. I'm always changing my mind on what I want to do with my life so lord only knows where I'll end up!

11 questions asked by Lauren Emma:

1. What is your must have beauty product?
    I always have to use mascara. Even on no make up days just putting a bit of mascara on makes me feel      
    that little bit better.

2. Why did you get into blogging?
    I have been reading blogs for awhile now so one day I just thought I'd try it and ever since I have loved 
    doing it. 

3. How would you describe your own style in 3 words?
    This is really hard for me because to be honest I don't think I have that much style but since I have to 
     answer I'd probably say girly, comfortable and summery? (There probably don't even sound like me...)

4. What is the best book you have read recently?
    The best book I have read is most definitely 'The fault in our stars' by John Green. I got way to into this 
     book and fell so in love with the characters. If you haven't read this you seriously need to pick up a copy!

5. Sweet or Savoury?
    Definitely a sweet person. Can't seem to get rid of my sweet tooth!

6. What is your biggest pet peeve?
    People who chew their food really loud. I find that noise so horrible and makes me feel slightly sick. 

7. What beauty product would you recommend to people?
    Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Moisturiser. The smell alone is enough to make me buy it again and again.

8. Favourite item of clothing?
    At the minute it's a baseball t-shirt I bought from topshop which I have been wanting for awhile. It's just so 

9. Do you collect anything?
   Not that I can think of. I used to keep all my magazines but they just made my room look messy so I got 
   rid of them. 

10. Who inspires you?
      As cheesy as it is, my mam. She is the strongest person I know and if I end up like her I just couldn't 

11. If you could change one thing about your life what would it be?
      I'd change the fact that I don't have a job. Seriously need some money in my poor bank account!

Bloggers I nominate:
Jessica from PeachyNotes
Roxy from RoxysBoxofTricks
Annie from Appletoothpaste
Amy from AllAboutAlt
Estelle from LetMeGoxo
Chrissy from ChrissyLilly
Cara from TinyPollyPocket
Samya from SamyaSays
Kirsty from Taupe&Pearl
Rachel from ThePowderRoom

My 11 questions:
1. What beauty product could you not live without?
2. What's your favourite thing about blogging?
3. Is there anywhere in the world you want to visit?
4. How do you come up with your blog post ideas?
4. Is there any beauty product you tried and hated?
5. How did you come up with your blog name?
6. Which celebrity do you look up to and why?
7. What is your favourite type of post to read on other peoples blog?
8. What's your favourite feature about yourself?
9. Is there any advice you'd give to your younger self?
10. What make up brand do you use the most?
11. If you were to start blogging again for the first time, is there anything you would do differently? 

This is definitely the longest post I have done but I did enjoy doing it. 
Thanks for reading. 

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