Thursday, 28 November 2013

Christmas Fashion - All That Glitters

Misguided Skirt - €29.00
Misguided Shorts - €33.98
Boohoo Top - €22.00
Boohoo Dress - €45.00

Boohoo Dress - €55.00
Boohoo Shorts - €30.00
Boohoo Top - €28.00
Misguided Skirt - €33.98

Boohoo Dress - €45.00
Misguided Tops - €31.26
Misguided Skirt - €61.18

Boohoo Blazer - €55.00
Misguided Skirt - €40.78
Boohoo Shorts - €38.00

Hey Guys, 

So Christmas is on the way and I am so very excited. It's one of my favourite times! Since it's getting close Christmas fashion is popping up everywhere. This year there seems to be a lot of sequins/flashy items around which I think is great because it's that bit different. 

I went onto two of my favourite/affordable online shops, and Misguided and picked out some of my favourite sequin bits to share with you all. I love all of these pieces as they aren't extremely out there but still let you dress to impress this winter season.

What do you guys think of the sequin trends? Love it or hate it? 


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