Monday, 28 July 2014

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - 11-06-2014

(I do not take credit for these last 2 photos as they were not taken by myself)

Well Hello..
I have to say it feels a bit strange to be doing this again. It's been 3 months since I last posted on here. (Yikes!) 

So why did my blog disappear of the face of the earth? Good question, and to be honest I have no actual answer. Between getting a job and not having time and losing internet I just got used to not blogging.. 

Anyway less of the awkward 'Hi it's me I'm back..' intro, let me tell you about when me and 6 of my friends grabbed our wellies and heading out to the massive crowd of 35,000 people. (Yes you read that right.)

With plently of festivals hitting it up in irish fields during the summer, you have so many choices of which ones to attend such as longtitude and electric picnic. (A tad raging I won't be attending that one!) As soon as we heard Macklemore and Ryan Lewis would be heading to Marley Park we knew straight away we had to go. 

The day worked out perfect. The sun beaming out of the sky and 7 delighted girls. Until we arrived and it poured from the heavens. We didn't let this ruin the day though and without a care in the world walked around like drowned teletubbies, thanks to out €2 ponchos. 

The day consisted of 4 acts - Angel Haze, Danny Brown, Ellie Goulding and the duo themselves. 
Although we just missed Angel Haze and spent most of Danny Brown eating food or queueing for the bathroom we ran straight for the barrier as soon as Ellie Goulding was on. She is such a talented woman with an incredible voice and energy I can't even explain. Ellie definitely got the crowd going for the lead act. 

As soon as Macklemore hit the stage the crowd erupted and even though there were some technical difficulties this didn't stop us. The crowd belted out some of his best hits and couldn't get over how great it was to see him live! 

If you were at Marley Park for this gig you know it was nothing short of amazing and if not you should most definitely grab tickets to his next gig. 

Have you been to any festivals this summer? Let me know below! 

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