Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Travel Essentials

Hey Guys,

On Thursday myself and a group of my friends are travelling across the water and heading to Amsterdam. If there was ever a spontaneous trip, this is it.

While packing I said I might as well show you guys some of the essentials that I will have in my bag.

1. The Bathroom Kit

As we are only going to be in Amsterdam for 3 days there is no point in travel with massive shampoo and deodorant bottle and having your moisturiser take up all your bag space. This is why the travel size options are the handiest, I picked mine up in boots which had a 3 for 2 offer.

2. Downsizing the make-up and hair options

We are going hand luggage which means space will be tight. Knowing there is no point in bringing every piece of make-up I own its best to keep to the most needed pieces. This means sharing out who is bringing what eye-shadow palette and who brings which hair tool. No point in having 3 of the same thing when it's not needed and being stuck for space.

3. Choosing the right outfits

It's hard to choose with this time of year because we don't know what kind of weather to expect. Is it going to be the same as at home? Is it going to ice cold? I've decided to just bring what I would wear at home. Hopefully it'll be the right choice! Also I'm keeping it to what is needed. Recently me and some of the girls jetted to Santa Ponsa and I for one can say I definitely over-packed and did not wear half the stuff I brought.

                                     What would be your travel tips for anyone heading off?
                                                                                     Speak Soon, 
                                                                                        Tanyia  x

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