Friday, 6 November 2015

Top 5 Irish Snapchats

Hey Guys,

I am obsessed with snapchat. I am pretty sure I follow more bloggers/youtubers than actual friends on it just because I am incredibly nosey and like to see what other people get up to during their day. Here are my top 5 Irish beauty/fashion gurus you should be following:

                                 Grace Mongey aka facesbygrace23

Grace is mostly known for her youtube channel and her blog facesbygrace which I am a huge fan of. She has studied makeup and now goes to some of the biggest beauty and fashion events within Ireland. Her snapchat story is like my bible (in a seriously uncreepy way) when I'm sitting at home or  have just finished a long day at the office. Her snapchats are so down to earth and so real so there is no better woman to follow for that. 

Rosie Connolly aka rosieconxxx

I first came across Rosie through her blog hearts,heels and handbags and have been obsessed ever since. Her make-up, hair and fashion is always so up to scratch its crazy! Also her son is the cutest thing in the world. He also shows up in her snaps quiet a bit. 

Erika Fox aka retroflame1

The Irish girl living it up in the Big Apple! Her snaps are always full of fantastic parts of NYC, as well as many of her fabulous wardrobe pieces. I always get so jealous when I look at her snaps just from all the great places she gets to visit while living in NYC. 

Terri Mcevoy aka tmcevoy24

If there is someone's snapchat I am constantly checking up on at the minute, it's Terries. She is currently making her way through Thailand and the snaps actually make me want to hop on the next plane and join her. Anyone thinking of travelling to Thailand should seriously follow her because you will be on the next flight over after looking at those snaps. 

Marissa Carter aka cartermarissa

You probably all recognise Marissa as the brains behind Cocoa Brown Tan. Her snaps are always full of inspiring quotes and the biggest beauty tips. (Tantouring is Genius!) Her snaps will literally be your beauty bible once you get stuck in. 

Let me know who your favourite snapchatters are and if I should be following any of them! 

Speak soon
Tanyia x

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