Wednesday, 21 August 2013

CBS Grad 2013

Hey Guys,

On Monday it was one of my friends Grads (Debs) and asked me to go with him. It was such a great night and even though I take that many pictures, I thought I'd show some of the ones that were taken. 

Since most of the things I have to say about the night are funny stories that would make me ramble for to long so I'm just going to show some pictures. 

(Me and my nanny)

(No idea whats going on with my head but I thought I'd through it in anyway!)


  1. Girl you look incredible! Like seriously incredible Tanyia!
    Where is your dress from?
    Estelle x

    1. Awh thanks very much Estelle, that's very sweet. :)
      It's actually my friends because I had some trouble with the dress I ordered so I borrowed hers.