Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Nails: Elegant Touch Totally Bare

Hey Guys,

I am in love with having long nails. For awhile acrylic nails were my obsession, then my nails started to get weak and damaged so it was time to take a break. After some time they became strong but money was tight so getting acrylics back on went out the window. That is when I came across these beauties.

Elegant touch have a wide range of fake nails from bare, one toned colours and nail art packs. Each pack comes with 48 nails with 10 different shape. This means you can get up to 2 uses per pack. 

The reason I chose the bare nails is because you can easily reshape them and decide which colour you want to use. 

For myself the stiletto shape is a small bit pointy and long for my liking. For this I grab a scissors, trim them down to the size I prefer and reshape them. This process is so simple and only take a couple of minutes. 

I had a huge disaster when painting them as my nail varnish spilt all over my bedsheets (thank god it was clear!) so I could not get a snap of the finished colour look. You will be able to see the finished colour over on my instagram in the next couple of days. :)

Have you tried any of the elegant touch range? 

Speak soon

Tanyia x

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