Monday, 19 October 2015

The Greatest Scrub?

Hey Guys,

Recently I purchased Palmers Cocoa body scrub. One thing I love trying to keep my skin as fresh as possible. Sometimes it can be hard, but once you get into a routine its just part of your normal day.

In the past couple of weeks my skin had been looking a little dull and felt a bit worse for wear. On one of my trips to Superdrug (trust me, there are many) I spotted this. Now I am a big fan of Cocoa butter moisturiser just purely because it smells amazing. This product is exactly the same. 

With its mix of crushed cocoa beans and shea butter, this palmers scrub aims to exfoliate, refine, polish, moisturise and smooth skin. I can say that that is exactly what it does. 

I am one of those people who gets a few lumps and bumps on the tops of my arms and within one use they had started to fade. My skin had never felt fresher. 

With some exfoliaters they can be a tad harsh and rough on skin but this is the exact opposite. With removing everything you need it to remove such as tan and dead skin, it is also so gentle on skin. 

If you suffer from dry skin or feel it needs a bit of a pick me up I couldn't recommend this enough. 

You can pick it up from your local superdrug store starting from around €6.78/£4.99

speak soon

Tanyia x

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