Monday, 23 September 2013

Bourjois Liner Pinceau Liquid Eyeliner


Hey Guys, 

So awhile ago I had run out of eyeliner and needed to find a suitable liquid one as I'm not the biggest fan of gel liners. (I'm sorry, don't hate me) After searching through every brand I eventually came across Bourjois Liner Pinceau. I have only one word to describe this liner and it is amazing!

The best thing about it is the size of the brush. As you can see from the picture above it's ever so thin meaning you can make the liner as thin or thick as you like it. It is also great for adding the flick. I can't lie and say I'm the best at adding a flick to my liner because I'm not but this eyeliner has made the whole process so much easier. It is so easy to guide and perfect for building up the amount you want on your eye. 

The last picture is an example of how the liner came out when I used it one day. 
If you are on the hunt for a new liquid eyeliner and are unsure of which one to get, this is a serious must. I haven't been let down yet and will hopefully repurchase it when the time comes. 


  1. This looks like a really good liquid liner must check it out, Great post :)

  2. Oh wow that looks amazing, i need a new one so bad!