Monday, 11 January 2016

Ikea Wishlist

Hey Guys,

Home-ware shopping is one of my favourite things. I could go to Ikea/TK Maxx or any homestore shop and just wander around for hours without getting bored. You can always find the most interesting items when browsing around these stores.

Here are some of my favourite bits from Ikea at the minute

Alex 9 drawer unit - To be fair pretty much anyone who is obsessed with beauty would have one of these. You would never ever be stuck for space again and could get rid of any junk that is lying around. 

Flowers - Artificial flowers are the greatest way to decorate a house. They may not have the scent that real flowers bring but its less mess and don't have to worry about the look fading. 

Mirror - Mirrors are a great way to make rooms look bigger as well as adding that something extra to a space. I find the best place would be above a fireplace in a sitting room as its a really simple way to decorate. 

Candles - This one is for those evenings when all you want to do is relax. Nothing better than sitting down/having a relaxing bath and lighting some candles. Perfect way to shut off for the night and take some time to yourself. 

Holders - I am obsessed with these holders, A while ago I got ones just like these in Penneys/Primark. As well as adding something cute to your room, it is also great for storing makeup brushes. 

Bedding - Even though they say you shouldn't have colourful bedding as it can be distraccting when trying to sleep, I find it very hard to stay away from it. These ones are super cute and a great way to perk up any bedroom. 

Is there anything from ikea you are loving at the minute?

Speak Soon, 

Tanyia x

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