Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Nip and Fab Cleansers

Hi Guys,

Recently I purchased some Nip and Fab cleansing products which I thought I would review. These have been on my wishlist for so long and just after Christmas I couldn't help but go on a bit of a Nip and Fab shopping spree.

The first item I purchased was the Glycolic Scrub Fix. This is great if your skin is feeling a dull and tired and want to give it a bit of a pick me up. It also has a citrus scent which makes it even better.  After this skin instantly feels refreshed and looks that bit brighter. I use the scrub twice a week to keep skin fresh. The Glycolic Scrub can be purchased for €12.95

Secondly was Nip and Fab's Deep Cleansing Fix.  This is my favourite product and use it everyday. It is great for removing make-up that has been on all day. To get a deeper clean I use this with my no.7 version of the clarisonic. It has drops of tea tree oil within it leaving it with a scent that reminds me of vicks. (In a good way! ha) I find it can be a bit thick but used in small amounts it is perfect. It is available for €9.95. 

The last cleansing product I got was the Glycolic Cleansing Fix. This is one that I would use the least but is great when skin looks a little dull in the morning and you want to get rid of the bacteria that has built up on your face over night. Gels wouldn't be my favourite thing to use on my face but for a morning clean this suits fine. There is no distinct smell off this product which sometimes is nice when just wanting to wake your skin up. The Cleansing fix can be purchased for €9.95. 

My Favourite thing about these products is that they are so affordable but give a feeling like you have bought some high end products. If you want to try any Nip and Fab products they can be purchased from local pharmacies such as Sam McCauleys and Superdrug as well as the Nip and Fab website

Have you tried any Nip and Fab Products?
                                   Speak soon
                                      Tanyia x

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