Tuesday, 17 September 2013

All About The Brows

Hey Guys, 

Eyebrows... everyone has had their ups and downs with them. Surely most people reading this went through that period of over-plucking and ending up with barely any brow or making one look completely different to the other. Not to worry though, we have all experienced some heartbreak when it comes to our eyebrows. 

Usually when you get that bit older you start to realise what kind of shape/colour suits you face and try to keep the tweezers from getting to friendly with the brows. Thanks to Cara Delevingne, who most certainly rocks the big brow look, fuller brows are making a comeback. 

The present has certainly been a good time for brows and some celebs have definitely gotten things right in that department.

In the past eyebrows weren't exactly peoples best features and ended up looking more like this:

Obviously everyone has their own opinion to how eyebrows are supposed to look and how they are not supposed to look. If people prefer the skinny brow look that is 100% up to them

For people starting out with doing something with their eyebrows, if I could give you one piece of advice it would be not to over pluck. Growing eyebrows out can be a real pain and actually take longer than you think. 

Here is a tip I learned when it comes to doing eyebrows:
  • Using an eyebrow pencil fill in exactly how you want your eyebrow to look
  • Pluck out any hairs around the shape that you feel are unwanted
  • Only take hairs out in small parts or you could end up taking out one to many
How I fill in my brows:

What I use:


Real Techniques brow brush

Benefit big beautiful eyes chocolate brown shadow

I am in no way saying I have the perfect brows because believe me my brows are far from perfect. Since I was talking about brows do's and don't I thought I might as well throw in how I fill mine in. After applying foundation to the face eyebrows can look a bit funny. It's always best to fill them in to make them stand out. I brush them out getting the shape I want using a spooly. This makes it easier to apply the shadow. I get some onto the brow brush and fill in from the start to the end. Personally I don;t need brow gel as the don't tend to move during the day but if you have unruly brows just apply a layer of brow gel or clear mascara after filling them out. 

Eyebrows are personal to everyone and if you know what suits you perfect, if not I hope this helped in a small way. 


  1. I remember the days of over plucking my eyebrows when I was younger ... Those were the days! haha
    Great post! :)

    charlotte xxx


    1. Yeah hopefully they never come back haha. Thank you. :) xx