Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Zoeva Nude Palette and 96 Colours Palette

Hey Guys, 

(Please excuse the mess of the palettes, I had taken pictures when they first arrived but the quality wasn't great so I had to retake them)

(Nude Palette)

(96 eyeshadow palette)

(Some of the brighter colours)

Two weeks ago I was searching for some new eyeshadow palettes to add to my makeup kit. I came across a brand called 'Zoeva'. Personally I had never heard of them so after extensive research into the brand I was happy enough to search through their products. They have such a huge collection, not only on palettes but on brushes, foundations and many more.

For my makeup kit I was looking for nude colours and also a few bright colours. The prices were extremely reasonable with single palettes not even reaching €20. The great thing about this site is on most palettes you get a deal where if you buy two of whatever palettes you want you get them both for €32. I opted for the nude palette and the 96 eyeshadow palette.

The colours in the nude are perfect for if you are going for the more subtle look but also if you want a deep smokey eye look. The 96 eyeshadow palette is exactly as it sounds. 96 different eyeshadows ranging from light to bright colours. The colours look more pigmented but by applying more you get a great look from any of the eyeshadows.

The delivery took a week to arrive and I couldn't have been more happy when they did arrive.

Have you ever ordered anything from Zoeva?

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  1. They look like great palettes im on the hunt for palettes like these to add to my makeup kit:)
    Chloe x

    1. you should look at these then, there so good. :) x