Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Autumn Tag

Hey Guys, 

So I got tagged by Estelle of Letmegoxo (she's so close to 100 followers so if you don't follow her already go check out her blog) to do the autumn tag. 

For Autumn, what is your...

Favourite thing about it? I'm going to be honest Autumn isn't one of my favourites because I'm more of a summer girl but one of my favourite things about it is the crunch of the dry leaves when they are after falling from the trees. It's such a nice sound. That probably sounds a bit strange..

Favourite Drink? Hot chocolate topped with cream and marshmallows. It is perfect for those cold nights and all you need is something to warm you up and lets not lie, it tastes so good!

Favourite scent/candle? Without a doubt it has to be vanilla. Whenever I look for candles I'm always drawn towards that scent even though it's so simple!

Best lipsticks? As I have said in other posts I am not the best for wearing lipsticks but this autumn I am really liking any deep reds or berry! If they have any of those colours in the Kate Moss collection I will be getting my hands on them soon.

Go to moisturiser? Nivea Soft. I've finished my first tub of it and my skin has never been softer. If you haven't tried it, it's a must. 

Go to colour for the eye? For me it's probably the classic bronze but at the minute I am really loving some purple shades. (Not to bright though)

Favourite Band/singer  or music to listen to? My iPod is always changing and I have the weirdest type of songs on it but at the minute I am loving anything calm so either Ben Howard, Gabrielle Aplin or Lana Del Rey.

Favourite outfit to wear? Jumpers, jumpers and jumpers. I don't deal with being cold very much so a nice knit jumper with leggings and converse or boots. (Need to make a cheeky purchase a new pair.)

Autumn Treat? It will probably be the boots so they will last me into the winter so I don't get cold feet!

Favourite place to be? Since it's getting colder and the weather isn't as nice probably in bed watching some of my favourite shows! 

Thanks to Estelle for tagging me it was actually really fun!
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