Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My Everyday Makeup Routine

Hey Guys,

I have mostly seen this kind of post in videos so writing a post about my makeup routine might be a tad harder, but who doesn't love a challenge?

My daily makeup routine is very basic. My days are pretty simple so I do my makeup to match that.
Before I even apply makeup I wash my face to make sure there is no excess from the day before and then there is a 'blank canvas' per say to work with. To do this I either use facial wipes or wash my face using a facial gel.

After this I start with
  1. The base

After cleaning my face I apply a day time moisturiser. At the minute I'm just using superdrug vitamin E for normal to dry skin. When that's done I apply Collections Lasting Perfection Concealer to where it's needed most. This being under my eyes as dark circles seem to love me. I also put it around my nose as it gets some redness. I then start by putting on my foundation. I try not to use to much as my skin seems to be doing ok at the minute. Currently I'm using Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid. Then when all that is applied and my dark circle are still looking a bit 'dark' I just use a small bit of Hide the Blemish Concealer by Rimmel, and then that is the base done!

2. Eyes 

On a day to day basis I keep my eyes super simple by just sweeping 'Sin' or 'virgin' over my lids. After I put eyeliner on and I use Liner Feutre by Bourjois. I love this certain one as its like a felt pen so it's super easy to use. When that's done I use Maybelline Falsies mascara on my eyelashes. 

3. Cheeks and Powder 

Firstly I apply Rimmel Match Perfection over my face to give the look more of a finish. Then I contour my cheeks using Délice de Poudre By Bourjois and for blush I use Benefits Dandelion blush as it's nice and light. 

and voila, finished.

As you can see I don't do anything major or drastic but for a normal day to day that's how I like to keep it. 

Do you do anything different for your day to day makeup?


  1. Love the Dandelion blush!
    Estelle x

  2. I've been lusting after Dandelion! Do you tend to wear a different blush during the colder months or is it your go to blush all year round?