Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Tips on how to be positive and happy.

Hey everyone,
I thought I'd do a bit of a different post today on how to stay happy and positive. Lately I've been seeing people being a bit down and I don't really like it so I thought maybe this would help. (Maybe it won't but this post won't hurt anyone!)

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1. Spend time with people you care about - One of the most important things you can do is spend time    with the people that make you happy, be that friends or family. These are people you have grown up with 
you and know you better than anyone so they can instantly make you feel better. 

2. Don't dwell on the bad things - If we ever feel down one thing everyone does is dwell on everything that has gone wrong. By doing this you are stopping yourself from seeing the good things around you. If whatever bad thing you are thinking about has happened, it's in the past so there's no point in thinking what you could have done differently. Instead think about what you have and be grateful. 

3. Getting enough rest - Along with a lot of people, I am one who needs to work on their sleeping pattern. Sleep plays a vital role in how we feel. I know whenever I don't get enough sleep I am not one to be around, and I'm sure others are like that too. As we all know  7 1/2 hours sleep a night is what we need, so one night try get to bed early and see how you feel the next day. 

4. Exercise/eating healthy - No matter what, how you treat your body is going to affect how you feel. That means what you put into it and how you keep fit. I am one of those people that says they will do some kind of workout but then keeps putting it off. Eating healthily and doing a bit of exercise will suddenly make you feel brighter and refreshed even by doing a small 10 minutes. So get up and get out of the house and you'll feel the difference. 

5. Do things you like - This can be a number of things such a spending time with friends, listening to music, taking some time to yourself, etc. Instead of doing what everyone else wants to do, take some time to yourself and do what you love and you'll be sure to come out of it feeling happier.

6. Do something good - If you help somebody with something/ do a random act of kindness you will instantly feel better about yourself and more than likely put a smile on our face for most of the day. 

7. Work towards your goals - One way to do make yourself feel happier is by achieving something you want to. No matter how big/small if you want to do something do it. Life is to short to just think about it. If it's big start with baby steps and soon enough you'll get there. One thing I will say is do not let what others think stop you. It's what you want not what they want. 

8. Forgive people - Holding grudges is one thing that will stop you from being as happy as you want. You don't have to be best friends with this person if you don't want to, just be the bigger person and forgive and forget. A big weight will be lifted and you'll ten times better for it.  

9. Make plans - There is nothing better than making plans and having something to look forward to. Being able to do yourself up and head out for a good night with friends can instantly change a persons mood. Even making small plans like going to the beach, just to give yourself something to look forward to will make you feel so much better. 

10. Smile - As silly as it sounds, smiling can change your mood tremendously. It makes others want to be around you, gets rid of stress and makes you feel better about yourself. It gives you a look of confidence and it's contagious so it will spread. 

I hope this helps anyone who is feeling a bit down and let me know if you do anything differently to stay happy. 


  1. I love this post! So true, thank you for sharing! Number 3, 8 and 9 work best for me :)



  2. I've actually favourited this as a tab because i always need to read things like this when i'm down! Great post! xxx

    rosiealexandraa.blogspot.co.uk xxx

    1. I think this is one of the nicest comments I have read. Thank you. :') xx