Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The Best Blogging Apps

Hi Guys,

If you have a blog it is very important to keep yourself organised if your serious about it becoming something great. The best way to do this is to schedule. There is so many great ways to do this and as most of us are mad into social media these days I thought I would go through some apps you should have on your phone when your out and about.

Blogger/ Wordpress

Depending on which publishing tool you use its important to keep either app on your phone. This way if you have any post ideas or scheduled posts and need to do a quick update you can simply do so from your phone.


A handy one to have as you can catch up on your favourite blogs while on the go. You can also check up on any new followers or find great new blogs.


If you tend to take photos from your phone sometimes it's just handy to fix them up on the phone itself. Saves the effort of downloading them to your laptop to fix them up. I use photoshop express but there are so many different options on the app stores.

Social Media

This includes the likes of twitter and instagram. This helps you keep in contact with other bloggers and lets those bloggers keep up to date with your latest posts and pictures.


You can easily use the notepad you have automatically on your phone or you can pick from the many options the app store provides. This is one of the most important in my eyes as you could get an idea at any time of the day and you know you'll just be able to jot it down straight away.

What apps do you think are important for bloggers?

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